Entry #1


2017-04-23 20:25:46 by SierraLee

Hey there! I'm Sierra Lee, creator of adult games. Many are completed and free, you can find out more here:



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2017-04-25 09:32:54

It's cool as heck that you uploaded an RPG maker game to NG! Those things are my guilty pleasure!

SierraLee responds:

Thanks! I know the engine has been heavily used, but I think it has some fun possibilities.


2017-04-25 10:19:50

There's nothing wrong with RPG Maker if you ask me. I'm just glad people can finally upload them to Newgrounds. Maybe the site will get a collection for RPG Maker games in due time.


2017-04-26 06:23:31

The problem isn't RPGmaker. The system gets a bad rap, but the problem is honestly the people making shitty games. Just gotta dig through the crap to find the gold. Much like fanfiction.


2017-05-21 23:39:32

You. You're awesome. Take my money.

SierraLee responds:

Thanks for your support! I'm always happy to hear from people who appreciate deconstruction like this. It really encourages me to keep trying new things!


2017-10-22 21:29:09

The Ouroboros RPG was it from RPG Maker VX Lite?

SierraLee responds:

No, it was made in MV.